1.1 My first BIG insight about table calculations

This is the first video in the series – Demystifying table calculations in Tableau. In this video, I talk about the first big insight that I got about table calculations that led me to understand it much more intuitively, a feat that I could not achieve even after reading so many articles and watching so many videos.

Here is the key take away from the video:

Imagine you have a view/report that displays Total Sales by Region. Instead of displaying the raw sales numbers, you might display the percentage of sales of each region or the rank of the region, etc. This change in display is what Table Calculations are about.

To define it more specifically, Table Calculations are nothing but a way to change how a summary value like Total Sales is displayed in a view/report in Tableau.

Here is a text-version of the video for those of you who prefer to read than to watch – please note that this is NOT a transcript of the video. When I record the video, I do have a clear idea of the ideas I want to communicate, but I don’t follow a detailed written script as I just want to go with my natural flow as a teacher. Similarly, when I write after I have produced the video, I just want to go with the flow I get in writing as I try to capture the same ideas in the written form.

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