Dates Magic – Analyzing Trends & Seasonality in Tableau

One of the first things that I was very impressed with Tableau when I tried it in early 2013  ago was the ease with which dates analysis can be done in Tableau. It felt like sheer magic to me then (and even now) – I came to Tableau from Powerpivot and Qlikview background. In those tools, you have to do a lot of work to enable just basic quarterly, monthly analysis. In Tableau, everything was just built-in. I just couldn’t believe that it was so easy.

In my opinion, this is one of the most valuable functionality for a typical business user. I have seen a client of mine, who is a owner of business, create many intricate graphs to analyze trends & seasonality with just an hour of training in Tableau  – in this video, I will show you the different options for understanding trend & seasonality in Tableau in 13 minutes.


Caveat: Now that I am a Tableau power user, there are a few quirks with how Tableau handles dates that can frustrate a new user – especially the discrete vs continuous part. But hey, we live in a world, where everything created by humans is imperfect in some way – so, let us enjoy what is available and be grateful 🙂