First Impression of Tableau’s Data Prep Tool – Project Maestro – What a blessing!

The invitation for beta testing of the new ETL/Data Preparation tool from Tableau has been sitting in my inbox for a few months. For the past 3 – 4  months, I was quite busy in creating my professional dream – a montessori-style curriculum for teaching Tableau. Yesterday, I went to a client site where we have been struggling with cleaning up customer master from 2 different systems. We have been doing a lot of work manually and we have tried a number of ETL tools over the past 1 year. Yesterday, I wanted to try Maestro to see whether it would help – in about 10 hours from downloading the product, what a progress we made! What a blessing – I am so grateful for having access to such a product! A lot of ideas I had in my mind about how an ETL tool should behave were implemented there. When we were wrapping up, the client, who is a family business owner, commented that it is such an useful product.

I would write more about what I found to be useful in the product in the next few days. I just wanted to capture my first impressions while it is fresh in my mind.

Thank you very much Tableau team for such a thoughtful and user-friendly design. Usability is a big area of concern for me and a lot of products fail my high expectations. Even the best product in the market, from a usability standpoint, Alteryx had disappointed me in a number of areas, but Maestro Beta 4 surprisingly delivered in those same areas. This is not to say that the product is perfect – being a beta product, I have found a number of issues/annoyances in my first day of usage.

But the fact that it allowed me to sit with the customer, see the data from 3 different data sources, write a number of flows quickly while in a conversation with the customer to clean up the data, merge it, etc – it is such a positive experience for me. If possible, I would try to get permission from my client to share some details of the work I have done with them as the work is quite complex and even frustrating.

Bye for now. Stay tuned for more on my new object of fascination 🙂

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