A new series on Demystifying Table Calculations

Tableau is an easy to use to tool – As part of my daily work, I have introduced Tableau to a lot of people and normally I see surprise and delight in their eyes when they see first-hand how easy it is to create very nice-looking reports/charts/dashboards and how easy it is to modify them to answer different questions.

However, there are few areas in Tableau that have high friction – they are not as intuitive as the rest of the Tableau. The area that attracts the most attention in the Tableau community is Table Calculations – this is touted as the feature that allows a Tableau user to do very advanced calculations in Tableau. One has to only look at the work of Tableau Zen masters like Joe Mako to believe this statement. However, I see that most people struggle with understanding table calculations in Tableau.

Today, I am starting a new series of posts with the aim to demystify Table Calculations in Tableau. If you want a full story about why I am doing this, please read my post in the Tableau forum here.

Here is a quick overview of what I intend to cover in the series – please note that this list is not static. It will keep evolving as I find better ways to organize the concepts.  I often get better ideas on how to present something after I have presented it a few times – hence, it is better for me to keep this list dynamic so as to capture the best possible inspiration I get to present this complex topic.

The list below will also serve as a Table of Contents for the entire series. As I create each new article/video, I will provide a link here.

Module 1: Introduction to Table Calculations & Mapping the 11 Quick Table Calculations to 3 Paradoxical Problem Families. In addition to this, we will cover the basics like aggregation and level of detail and some important terminology that would help us to cover the ground faster in the later modules.

1.1 My first BIG insight about table calculations

1.2 Paradoxical Problem 1

Module 2: Difference & % Difference Calculations (Year over year Growth is a special case of % Difference)

Module 3: Rank

Module 4: Running Total Calculations (YTD Total is a special case of Running Total)

Module 5: Combining Difference & Running Total – YTD Growth

Module 6: Moving Average – Why Average is a sensitive calculation that can trip even experienced users of Tableau with a background in statistics

Module 7: Percentile – Why this is such an useful, yet rarely-understood concept

Module 8: % of Total – Why am I discussing such an easy and important concept at the end, especially after the heavyweights like Moving Average and Percentile

Module 9: Compound Growth Rate – Though this is a variation of % Difference, this is a bit deep and also has lesser applicability than other concepts.

Module 10: Going Beyond the Quick Table Calculations – Here, we will discuss the single most important function that is the heart of all table calculations. If you understand this function well, your journey with advanced Table Calculations  will be much easier. Here, we will get into the complex scenarios which require you to open the calculation editor to write the Calculations.

Module 11: Real-life Problem Solving – Here, we will take the questions/problems that are most often asked in the Tableau forums on Table Calculations and we will apply the concepts we have learnt so far to solving them.

Module 12: Tour of the best resources on Table Calculations – Here, my intent is to go over the excellent documentation that the Tableau community has produced in the form of blog posts, webinars, TDT sessions (Tableau Data Thursday), conference presentations, etc. to identify resources that will help you to inch towards mastery of table calculations, beyond what I have covered here – This will be like a PhD-level homework on table calculations and NOT for the faint-hearted 🙂

6 thoughts on “A new series on Demystifying Table Calculations

  1. Karan says:

    Hi…great work

    Can we have link to rest of videos on Table cals…i went through till paradox problem 2, when are you planning to upload rest ?



    • Hi Karan, unfortunately I have not found the time to take the series forward. It is an item on my list of things to do – I don’t know how quickly I will get to it. Meanwhile, you can access the 45-minute session I gave in the Tableau Fringe Festival APAC in 2016 – this will cover Paradox problem 3 and will also walk through all the table calculations and map them to these 3 paradox problems – i hope that helps you.


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